My big family

The most important people in my life are, without a doubt, my family. I wouldn't be here without any of them and I really love them all for the all the love and support they habve given me.

My parents

One of the most important family members in my life are my parents. They taught me so much and I owe everything to them. My father was an elementary school teacher in China and my mother stayed at home to look after my two brothers and I. They are pretty old now and I'm very grateful to take care of them as they did to me.

My 3 girls

Next, I have to mention my three daughters, Katie, Ada, and Annie, of course. Raising them was tough but the joy they bring me make the trouble worth it. They always listen to what I say and make me so proud. Now, they're all almost adults and it makes me wonder where all the time went. They are all so smart and uniquely talented.

My husband

My husband is also very important in my life. He has always been there for me and does a great job providing for the family. I met him when I immigrated to New York from China. He works in a Chinese restaurant making dim sum.

My cousins

I also have a lot of cousins, but I want to mention those on my older brother's side. He has a daughter named Sandy and this is a picture of her with her husband. They all live in Chicago and now she has 3 daughters as well. They often come visit during the summer which is always fun.

My best friend

Lastly, I want to show you all my best friend who was also my neighbor. We went to the same high school in China and came to the US together. She lived in the apartment across from me and so I would always go over to her place. Although I don't live with her anymore, we still stay in touch and get lunch together sometimes.