Everyday begins with a cup of coffee and a ride on the F Train. I usually wake up at 7 AM and arrive at work by 8 AM. As a New Yorker, trains can get pretty crowded, but I really enjoy the ride.


I work at a factory sewing wedding dresses. I get a piece of paper with an order and just do the magic. It was hard for me to learn the techniques but I was able to get a hang of it after a while.


My favorite part is spending time with my coworkers, many of which are Asian mothers as well. We have lunch together and love to WeChat everyday. Ocassionally, there are sample sales from other companies and always see what's up there. Hey, nothing beats cheap clothes.


When it's finally 8 PM, I get ready to leave and go home. It's always a tough day but I'm glad to make it to the end. It's pretty dark when I get out, but I know that my husband and children are waiting for me at home and so I try to hurry home. At the end of the day, I just relax and get some rest.